Polish brand Bombshe. Who we are? What values are close to us? How are our products made? We bring it all to you right here.

Bombshe is a small Polish clothing brand dedicated to women, which was founded in 2016. Our headquarters and the heart of the brand, i.e. our own, intimate sewing room, are located in Wrocław, with which we are all very attached. The very creation of Bombshe is the fulfillment of children's dreams and the fulfillment of fashion passion. The team of people working in our company is constantly growing, and the whole development is supervised by: Marcin and Kasia. Get to know them better:

Marcin Pryjma Marcin Pryjma

Marcin – co-founder of Bombshe, who is one of the few men we know who knows about materials, cuts and sewing. It's better not to enter into a conversation with him on this subject, because he uses a lot of difficult words that are known only to master tailors. In addition, he has knowledge about sewing machines and is a master of customer service, for which he often receives praise on various forums about Polish brands. Privately, a lover of cars and American football.

Katarzyna Heider-Pryjma Katarzyna Heider-Pryjma

Kasia – the founder of Bombshe, our originator and the good spirit of it all. It was her childhood dreams that came true when our company was founded and they continue to come true by creating new collections and great projects. She has an amazing sense of style and great knowledge of materials. On a daily basis, she is always smiling, calm coffee and good food lover.

Bombshe is a praise of femininity on its own terms, comfort, respect for the environment, for the people and customers who create it. You will not find chasing seasonal trends here, but conscious fashion, comfort and excellent quality. 

We create at our own place and in our own way

  • We sew in our own, intimate sewing room in Wrocław.
  • We create clothes from scratch ourselves – we construct them, design them, cut them straight from the beams of materials and finish them on site in the workshop.
  • Everything is created from our common passion - Bombshe is primarily people. None of our projects would be the same if not for our tailors and wonderful employees.
  • We cooperate with local suppliers - we play to one goal. We prefer to buy materials and accessories from partners from the nearest regions. All threads, zippers and buttons come from Polish producers. We want to support smaller entrepreneurs and strengthen the Polish market.
Własna szwalnia Własna szwalnia
Bombshe – etyczna, polska marka Bombshe – etyczna, polska marka

As a Polish brand, we work for your safety and the good of nature

  • We care about the quality and safety of materials – we choose those that have the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate, which means that they have been tested for the presence of substances harmful to health.
  • We only use energy-saving machines. In addition, our sewing room is powered by electricity thanks to photovoltaic panels , which means that we contribute to reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.
  • We create things that are to serve you for years – the right purchase is the one that brings real joy and will stay in your wardrobe for a long time. We want our things to stay with you for years, which is why we design with quality of mind, not quantity. Don't be surprised by the collection's short runs or the fact that we choose small quantities but unique materials. The only fashion that we allow ourselves to absorb completely is thoughtful shopping and high quality.

Let every day be a holiday. It's not worth waiting for better times, better opportunities, and even more so for the best version of yourself - you already are!