Cotton sweater with raglan sleeves


A cotton sweater with raglan sleeves is a comfortable and versatile piece of clothing.

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A cotton sweater with raglan sleeves and a round neckline is a comfortable and versatile piece of clothing that will be perfect for various occasions. The sweater is made of soft and pleasant to the touch cotton, which ensures comfort. The sleeves of this sweater are made in a raglan style, which means that the seams connecting the sleeves to the rest of the sweater run diagonally instead of horizontally. Thanks to this, the sweater has a more loose and informal character, and the movements of the hands are freer. The sweater has a classic round neckline that fits many styles. The sweater will be perfect for everyday, casual stylizations. It goes well with jeans as well as skirts or chinos. It can be worn in many ways: tucked into trousers, worn over a shirt or top, or simply on its own. This sweater is a classic piece of clothing that is always fashionable and practical. It fits many occasions, so it's worth having such a model in your wardrobe.

Special features:

- round neckline

- raglan sleeves

- loose fit

- colors: beige, cream

50% Ecotec cotton, 50% cotton

It is recommended to wash the sweater in the washing machine according to the instructions on the label. It can be dried flat so that it does not lose its shape and does not deform.